Rainy Day - Thoughts about Debian

April 28, 2020

debian jigsaw

8.15am in bed, it is raining, wondering what to do today.

I have been using Debian Linux for years, I guess about version 5. Recently I found the 4.9 kernel caused the computer to lock / freeze completely, with an upgrade to the 4.19 kernel even worse. So I backed up my machine and installed Debian testing! This fixed the freezing issue and the computer has not crashed in weeks.

Today i learnt

to show all installed apps in debian with a description

dpkg-query -l


Building this website using the jigsaw static site, but as default the search only worked for the _posts pages, so i added a new collection to the search json and merged them together. now you can search all the pages. Must look into the Fuse.js that is making it.

Update - 23.05pm -

Have had a good day, learning Markdown, Tailwind CSS, Jigsaw Static Site development. Found some good docs on the internet to help me learn all this.

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