Getting your Github Pages site into Google Getting your Github Pages site into Google

June 25, 2020


I have been running this website for a few months and what started as an experiment I am rather enjoying as a place to write and play around with Code and more.

But one thing I checked yesterday, was how many pages were indexed by Google.

Google search for "site:" and the answer was NONE - ZERO - ZILCH - NADA!!

But Google provided a handy link to its Google Search Console. So i managed to login to my Google account, added a meta tag to the layout template and managed to get Google to index the site. Today there are 8 pages in the Google index. Which is better.

Small wins each day! Of those 8 pages, 3 only have 'AllotmentAndy' as the title, The blog index page has 'AllotmentAndy - GitHub Pages' as the title and the others have 'AllotmentAndy - PAGE TITLE'

Will see how this changes over the next few days.

Would like to improve the Title tags for the static pages in the root. I have added some yaml to the top of the web safe fonts page to improve the title tag. Lets see how long it takes Google to notice!

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