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November 16, 2021

ansible bash debian devops laravel tailwindcss

I wanted to right a new post about the sort of job role I am looking for. In the past I have had a wide variety of roles from Creative Graphic Designer to Laravel Developer. So I wanted to outline the sort of roles I would be suitable for and to help find a role thats uses a number of these:

  • Laravel PHP development
  • Web Design with CSS, Photos, Graphics and Imagery
  • SEO to get the site higher in Search Engines such as Google
  • Devops and Server configuration using Ansible, Terraform on Google Cloud (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Creative Ideas to improve the business
  • Writing content for blogs and websites
  • Using Mapping technologies such as OpenStreetMap
  • Testing websites and code using a range of tools to ensure websites work as expected
  • Web Scraping, crawling and indexing content from across the internet.

Some example jobs I would be good at

Moving CSS to Tailwind CSS

This site and a number of others I have been working on use Tailwind CSS and I would like to find a role to teleport an old fashioned website into the future.

Writing content for SEO purposes

I enjoy writing on a number of topics including technology, gardening, cooking and aviation. Perhaps you need some articles written about something

Scripting to automate your life

Another skill I have is writing scripts (bash, php etc.) to automate regular processes in your day-to-day work process. Instead of doing it by hand, perhaps i could write you a script to do it automatically

Mapping projects

I have recently been working on a mapping project using OpenStreetMap and have used Google Maps extensively in the past.

This is just a short idea of projects I could do for you.

If you would like to contact me you can either use this form on londinium.com or via Twitter @andylondon