Automating The Terminal Create Tabs And Name Them Automating The Terminal Create Tabs And Name Them

January 20, 2022

bash debian

I like to have a load of Terminal tabs open in different directories, but creating them by hand with Ctrl-T gives them the boring 'Bash' Title. I use Terminology Lets see if we can automate it that and create terminal tabs with names and set the location.

I want 5 tabs with the following

  • Blog Root
  • Website Root
  • Website Testing Root
  • Desktop
  • ROOT User

I am using xdotool and have to press enter at the end of each type command. I also place a space before each command so it doesnt get stored in the command history.

The root one on the end, doesnt login as root, rather leaves the command ready to be run.

I like to have the terminal with tab titles, it is a pain to do it by hand. Also embedding the gist from github which is a better place to keep the shell scripts.

Hope you enjoy it.


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