Ansible Debian Desktop Update Part 2 Ansible Debian Desktop Update Part 2

February 16, 2022

Ansible debian

After yesterdays fun with Node JS, i have downgraded the version of Node in the ansible settings to version 12.

ufw firewall is now enabled in a new role and I added each port for apache I use and also allowed ssh access.

Composer was complaining that i didnt have the php-curl module so i installed that too

Laravel Dusk wasnt working so I have added chromium and had to rerun the php artisan dusk:install to setup the chromedirver for the tests.

However PHP wasnt working perfectly, i needed to enable a2enmod proxy_fcgi for it to work with .php files.

VS-code didnt like the fact php-codesniffer wasnt installed so I added it.

Also added a few apps that I like to use including deluge, krita and fzf. fzf is a fuzzy find for the commandline and I added a alias for lf to allow me to perform a fuzzy find on the directory with the following code which i added to the end of .bashrc

#bashrc - add lf for fzf andy alias
 lf () { ls -lah | fzf -e -q "$@" ;}

The biggest problem I had was trying to get Ansible to setup mysql/mariadb. The root user needs to have the plugin changed to mysql_native_password. But I did it by hand, as I didnt get this working with ansible yet!

You can see the repo at

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