Website metrics Website metrics

April 13, 2022


I was looking at ways to rate a website so I installed seostats/seostats but there wasnt any data available from the free sources. I am looking for ways to rate a website including the following ways.

  • total number of website pages
  • total number of incoming links
  • Google Pagerank
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Mozscape::getMozRank
  • Mozscape::getDomainAuthority
  • SemRush::getDomainRank
  • Domain name value
  • Age - date registered
  • Web Server speed
  • Competitors / similar websites

I want a way to get metrics like this from an API weekly to update the 'scores' for each website, so am contacting people who maybe able to help. If you can offer any advice, please get in touch.

If you would like to contact me you can either use this form on or via Twitter @andylondon