August 2022 Allotment Andy Update August 2022 Allotment Andy Update

September 12, 2022


Has been a funny month, hot and dry but most of the plants seemed to have loved it. Plenty of watering of course but now the harvest of apples, plums, tomatoes, purslane and a lot more in earnest.

Planted a green manure on a 10m sqare plot. Never tried before, but just threw the seed across a couple of empty beds and will see how it goes.

Moved a lot of compost onto the big compost heap, made space for the pond i want to make. Covered it all with 6 wheelbarrows of fresh horse.manure. looks nice and big again.

Big harvest of tomatoes, they never stop coming. Cucumbers too.

Finally, the peppers have started to appear, i started them the same time as the tomatoes, but they never really got going.

Things to grow next year: pumpkin patch with corn and beans (3 companion plants)

Things i didnt grow well: peas

Things to plant : leeks, pak choi, spinach

Get grape cuttings from other allotment holders.

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