Analyse a website for seo errors malware domain rank Analyse a website for seo errors malware domain rank

March 6, 2023

laravel seo

As part of my job search, I began looking at ways to analyse and test a company website to see how good it is. I am looking at a number of criteria.

Firstly, I use Wappalyzer to see what technologies the site uses and also take a look at the source code to see what state it is in. I come from a PHP Laravel background, but like to see what technologies a website is run on.

I also like to use tools to quantify how good a websites is. In days gone past, there was Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank and a number of other ranking tools that no longer work or exist in the same way. Now we have Domain Authority, but other tools have stepped in to replace them.

A great tool I have recently discovered is the Laravel SEO Scanner from a dutch team called VormKracht. This is an PHP Laravel Artisan comman which scans a website for a number of issues with SEO. I like it a lot.

A nice allround tool for analysing a website is This gives a fairly comprenhsive summary of the key SEO criteria.

This tool from provides a simple value as a domain authority.

Check the for malware and if a domain is listed in 9 security websites.

And check the pagerank for a url.

This is a good tool for finding keyword related positions for a url.

I also like to use command line tools and a great one is whatweb which will show the technologies a website uses in the command line.

This is a set of tools I use alongside looking at the source code and my own londinium scoring system.

What else do you use? I would like to edit this and add more tools, please comment if you use and like any.

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