Finding work via SEO Ansible Linux Devops PHP CSS Finding work via SEO Ansible Linux Devops PHP CSS

January 5, 2024

ansible aws bash debian devops laravel tailwindcss wordpress

One thing that interests me today is the idea of the industry and the market. The industry is what is on offer to the world and the market is the people looking for a product or service. These dont really match as the industry tries to provide things they think will be in demand, and the market wants things that isnt exactly produced.

This blog is an attempt by me to match what i can offer to those that want some sort of service that i offer.

I have written about the things I can offer on this blog which is currently linked from each of these pages in the icon bar at the top of the page.

What this blog is about is exploring how people search for people who use these technologies and try and get them to find me. A fair number of these skillsets overlap, but I have tried to focus on logical units

Ansible Terraform

Ansible Terraform SEO keywords
Infrastructure as Code 
Cloud automation
Ansible freelancer
Ansible consultant
DevOps automation freelancer
Infrastructure automation freelancer
Configuration management freelancer
Ansible playbooks
Ansible roles
Ansible modules
Ansible Galaxy
Ansible Tower
Terraform providers
Terraform modules
Terraform state
Terraform Cloud
Terraform freelancer UK
Terraform consultant 
Terraform infrastructure as code expert
DevOps with Terraform
Cloud automation with Terraform
AWS Terraform freelancer
Azure Terraform consultant
GCP Terraform specialist
Multi-cloud Terraform expertise
Terraform security best practices

AWS Debian Linux

Debian Linux SEO keywords
AWS Linux freelance
AWS Linux consulting
Linux on AWS
AWS for startups
Cloud migration Linux
AWS DevOps
AWS automation
Security hardening AWS Linux
AWS CloudFormation consulting
Ansible automation Linux on AWS
Terraform configuration for AWS Linux
Jenkins configuration for AWS
Cloudwatch monitoring for AWS Linux
AWS Lambda development
Cloudtrail logging configuration
AWS security groups and IAM roles
Troubleshooting AWS Linux issues
AWS Linux for healthcare
AWS Linux for SaaS

Linux Bash Shell Scripting

Linux Bash Shell SEO keywords
Linux Bash shell scripting
Bash shell scripting freelancer
Bash scripting expert
Automation scripting Linux
Shell scripting services
Hire Bash scripter
Linux script writer
Shell scripting for DevOps
System administration scripting
Bash scripting for automation
Cloud automation scripting
Network automation scripting
Security scripting Linux
Big data scripting Bash
Scripting for web development

Docker Kubernetes Devops

Devops SEO keywords
DevOps freelancer
DevOps Engineer 
Automation Specialist
IT automation
Infrastructure as code
AWS Devops
Azure Devops
GCP Devops 

PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel SEO keywords
Laravel developer freelance
PHP freelance developer
Web development freelance Laravel
Hire Laravel freelancer
Expert Laravel programmer freelance
PHP/Laravel consultant

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS SEO keywords
Tailwind CSS developer
Tailwind CSS designer
Front-end developer
UI/UX designer 
Responsive web design 
Pixel-perfect development 
Custom website design 
Landing page design 
Web app development 
Shopify website development 
WordPress website development 
CSS framework
Utility-first CSS
Rapid prototyping
Performance optimization
Pixel perfect design
Mobile-first design


Wordpress SEO Keywords
WordPress freelancer
WordPress developer
WordPress designer
Hire a WordPress expert
WordPress website development
WordPress website maintenance
WordPress e-commerce development
WordPress theme customization
WordPress plugin development
WordPress security
WordPress SEO optimization
WordPress speed optimization
WordPress website migration
WordPress content creation
WordPress backup and recovery
WordPress troubleshooting

What I am actually interested in, is what people ACTUALLY type into search engines when looking for roles in these areas.

If you would like to contact me with this form on, or via Twitter @andylondon