Bash fwf ranger Bash fwf ranger

November 8, 2020

bash debian

I was recently looking for videos to help me improve my bash terminal skills and found this video by Marie-Helene Burle Fun tools to simplify your life in the command line

The two tools i really liked and have found really useful are fzf and ranger.


fzf is a fuzzy search for the terminal. To search for docs in the directory which contain ansible run ls | fzf and i can type ansible and it shows the files that contain ansible.

To search for ansible only use:

ls | fzf -e -q "ansible"


ranger is a terminal file manager that is nice and quick and lets me navigate and view the file content.

both of these tools can be installed with

apt-get install fzf ranger

I am always on the lookout for more tools that improve and speed up the workflow.

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