Offline Documentation on Debian Offline Documentation on Debian

November 8, 2020

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A lot of the time I work offline, learning, reading, watching and playing to learn more and more.

One thing i really like to use is offline tools to help me access info offline. However I am looking for info on a wide range of topics including devops, webdev, frontend, backend and linux in general. There is no one super tool which covers everything so here is a list of my favourite souces.


The man command provides a great starting point to read the manpages for a command. eg. man ansible gives a good intro, but it isnt the most readable or user friendly.


Finding what man apropos pages are available is possible with apropos ansible


Alongside the command line tools above, gman is a neat GUI tool to show an index of the man pages on the system.


tldr is similar to the man pages above, but gives examples of usage. tldr git or tldr ansible all provide a neat list of the most common commands you want to use. You have to update the database of info with the tldr --update command


In a similar vain to tldr above, eg, provides even more examples of how to use a command, with a bit more detail.


Zeal is a GUI which allows one to download docs to read offline. It doesnt cover as much, for example it has the docs for Ansible, Docker and Laravel, but not Terraform is an offline website which allows you to download the docs to read offline. It does cover Terraform, Ansible, Laravel and more. I use it with Chrome with a plugin

I would be interested in anymore tools people use for offline documentation, especially one that covers Tailwind CSS.

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