Adding Tiktok Links To My Social Media Link Extractor Package Adding Tiktok Links To My Social Media Link Extractor Package

December 11, 2022


Today I have added tiktok links to my social media link extractor package which was rather easy. But tiktok links are quite simple.

To test it out, i added about 700 websites urls I know have tiktok links. I added the function, then pushed it live to github. Then I did a composer update and it updated as if like magic!

I added the code to the spider like this sending in the list of links found on the page.

    echo $smle->getTiktok($linkArray);

Here is a list of the unusual ones found in the list of 700+ websites i checked, the top lot are just http and botton ones https, with the vast majority in this format those without the www. redirect the www. version of tiktok.

I also found one had a tracking link like this:

Investigating these, the 'vm.' links redirect to the homepage so arn't much use. I wonder what these are about...

The http ones redirect to the https site, the '/discover' and '/tag' links are both useful search type queries within the site.

I dont use tiktok myself, but I can see it growing in use on websites. I may add links to Digg, Delicious, foursquare, wikipedia, reddit links next. Is there a social media website you use that you think would be useful in this package? tell me in the comments....

Hope you find this interesting, useful and have learnt something about tiktok here.

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