December 12, 2022

londinium seo

I was looking into resources for SEO and found this image on this Github repository which I thought was a rather good summary of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is at the bottom of this page.

SEO is something I have done a lot of in the past, but it has changed a lot in recent years. I wanted to write about the tools and techniques I have had sucess with.

Keyword research

My current favourite keyword research tool is as it provides the top 100 key phrases and is up-to-date. Alongside performing searches on Google, It is easy to find what people are searching for, with regards to a phrase.

Writing Meta Tags Description for pages

The optimium length of the Meta Description tag is around 150 characters and this if often displayed as the summary of a webpage in search engines. Therefore it is vital to optimise the description tag with user search friendly keywords, which still reads well.

Title Tag

The title tag is also a very important page ranking factor. It is often the actual link of the page in the search results. I have seen recomendations that say it should be about 60 characters long.


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